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Friday, 03 August 2012 01:59

Viewer of the Month: Vahe Gulyan

I meet thousands of people through this website and via social media, so it's easy to lose track of who's who if I don't chat with individuals on a regular basis. One person who has done a fantastic job at being in touch and supporting EvG is Vahe Gulyan, a 23 year old man who moved to the U.S. from Armenia about 2 years ago. We first met during a brief exchange at an Apple Store where I gave him a business card, and he's kept in touch through email and Twitter ever since. He isn't vegan nor would he call himself much of an environmentalist, but he's kept his eyes on EvG out of curiosity and ended up getting inspired to make some changes.

Here's a little more about Vahe and his thoughts on vegetarianism and going green:

"I didn't even knew the word "vegan" before meeting Whitney...I think I was watching EvG just because it was fun and entertaining, which also, especially for me, is [the] only way to make [me] interested and learn something :) and there [are a] lot of things [to learn]...2 years later I started completely not using plastic bags. Instead of [using the] car most of the time I ride an electric bicycle. I don't eat, use or drink anything that is not organic, has GMO, chemicals, HFCS in it, etc. Most of the time I order vegetarian version of things and they are delicious :) I didn't have good memories about using juicers but she inspired me to get a good one and we always use it at home now :) Interestingly this is not very far from how I was before - where I am from we mostly eat fruits, vegetables, soups, grains, etc.. all local and organic (since we are not that "advanced" as Monstanto.. hmm). [I also have] my manager [to] thank, to whom I learnt lot of things [from in my profession - [he] was vegetarian and was trying to explain that to me too. I am kinda like "hacker" in a good way , and this is what I like about veg. My manager taught a lot of things [and] said [he] hopes I will keep sharing my knowledge, which I do. It's kinda like about being more "human" in everything"

I love that last line - I think that's a huge reason why people go vegetarian, because they feel more alive or human (and humane) when they do. It's also thrilling to hear about all the eco-friendly changes he's made in his life. Thanks Vahe for finding value in EvG even though you're not a vegan ; ) - the truth is, you don't have to be because my aim with the site is to inspire people to be healthier and happier, and it sounds like it's done a little of that for him. : )

Click here to read about past Featured Viewers - a fantastic group of people, each with their own inspiring stories.

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Sunday, 08 July 2012 23:00

Viewer of the Month: David Kong

I'm thrilled to share with you my first male featured viewer! When I started brainstorming about who to spotlight, David Kong immeditately popped into my head because he has so many commendable qualities and truly is an Eco-Vegan Guy. Positive energy radiates through his online presence and his healthy physique is a wonderful example to men considering the plant-based lifestyle. He describes him as, "a Vegan Urban Athlete with an eye for film" and to top it all off, he's a dad! I highly recommend you check out his Twitter page and YouTube channel for inspiration - I especially love the following video:

Here's a little more about Dave and his thoughts on EvG:

"I'm a thirty-five year old father of two who loves compassionate living. When I first decided to follow a vegan lifestyle I knew few of similar interest. I was already following my friend Robert Cheeke, communicating virtually via social media and one day he pointed me in Eco Vegan Gal's direction. The minute I began watching Whitney's videos my new lifestyle became natural. I felt encouraged with how she was openly real with her own beliefs and experiences. This was comforting; as my immediate community had no idea what to make of my lifestyle. Soon enough, I was pointing others in the EvG direction. I could go on and on how EvG has educated me, but because of her and many others like her, I have shared my education and change with many others. My father is one of those people. He took on a plant based lifestyle, reversed his heart disease, went off his medication and recently ran a 10K race. Every-day I raise my green drink to all who have made an impact in my life and Whitney is definitely one of those people."

Wow - how great are those last three lines?! And the photo of him in the EvG shirt is just too much! Thanks David for all the wonderful support and great vibes!

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Friday, 08 June 2012 11:13

Viewer of the Month: Kelly Lynn O'Brien

I'm so excited to introduce you to Kelly Lynn O'Brien. Though we've yet to meet in person (plan to in a few weeks!), she is one of those people who is obviously amazing, even through internet chatter. Her goals are vast in that she wishes to inspire those that suffer from chronic health conditions, to dig deep and realize that 100 percent restoration of health is possible. After years of abundant success in the medical sales industry, Kelly was diagnosed with a rare health condition. She is incorporating an alkalizing vegan diet and an overall Integrative approach to health with hope to heal her body. Kelly Lynn is a Blogger at girlgoneveg.com, Writer for MindBodyGreen & she has created Eco-Minded Chicago, a Chicago based community focused on eco-conscious living. She has orchestrated one of the largest Vegan Meetup groups in the city of Chicago of which she intends on expanding as she heals & finally, she is an aspiring Children's Book Author. She hopes to one day return to her position in medical sales to teach what she has learned to the masses. So yeah, she's pretty awesome. Find her on Twitter as @klyob

Here's what she has to say about EvG and being vegan (she made me blush!):

My absolute 'go to' site for any information regarding plant based nutrition, healthy living tips and eco-fashion is Eco-VeganGal.com. I literally think it is the most informative eco-vegan website available on the web, due to the quality of content, simplicity of the layout and the very obvious passionate originator behind it, Whitney Lauritsen. I have interacted w/ numerous other bloggers and I have to say that Whitney's stands far & above the rest for it's originality. In addition to the immense education you will get regarding eco-veganism, Whitney gives us a peak into her own life as well as her own eco-conscious journey, which makes her incredibly relatable to her readers! This website of hers is clearly what I would label a 'passion project'.

As for my own personal successes via going vegan, the biggest is that I am living a more compassionate & kind life. I am no longer participating in the cruelty of harming innocent animals lives and because of this my entire body, mind & spirit are all much more vibrant & healthy. While it's easy to get overwhelmed with the transition into veganism, the bottom line is that my 'success' came the day I decided to no longer participate in the slaughter. Between Eco-Vegan Gal's new website, newsletter and her plethora of videos, she takes 'challenging' out of the equation of going vegan. While It's too hard to choose one favorite video she has developed, I love when she shares what she eats during the day, the series on her own weight loss journey and finally, her spirited travels w/ her sister, Mary are entertaining!

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Friday, 06 April 2012 08:05

Viewer of the Month: Jeri Taira

Jeri Taira has been one of the most supportive Eco-Vegan Gal viewers. She has the most fantastic energy, which you can feel illuminating through the computer even though she's thousands of miles away (I mean, just look at that gorgeous smile!). She thrives on sharing her thoughts on Faith and Nutrition through writing and photos, and unwraps her journey in everyday living at "GodsDreamsforMe", Facebook and Twitter. She writes on plant-based topics at Examiner.com and Greenwala.com.

Here are her thoughts on EvG:

"The Larry Cook Series on you wonderfully sums up why I began following Eco-Vegan Gal 3 years ago. I’m so thankful for this amazing website. Here, I find so much motivation to make the changes I need to for my own healthy living. The researched information is shared in a way that I can understand as an everyday person. I totally enjoy the varied resources and the fun ways you share them. In following Eco-Vegan Gal, I’m now able to share with others through writing and casual conversation. The point is that I just love it here! Whitney, you're amazing in how you instill all things eco-vegan. From newbie to seasoned eco-vegan all are made welcome here.

"My Favorite Eco-Vegan Gal video right now: How To Eat More Green, Raw Food & Why You Should (note: I always think your last video or article is my fave until a new one comes out...lol)."

I hope you can see why I think Jeri is so amazing, but you'll really understand how it feels once you connect with her and read her passionate articles. Thanks Jeri for all the incredible support and love - so glad to feature you as the very first Viewer of the Month!

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