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I've been babysitting since I was about 12 years old because I love children and it's a great way to make extra money; I still do it from time to time for those reasons. Today, I looked after one of my favorite families in Los Angeles, but made some interesting observations about their lifestyles.

Let me begin by saying that my feelings and thoughts on this matter are not meant to come across as a judgement, especially on this family. Mainly, I am frustrated with mass production of some baby products, which are marketed as healthy and nutritious but are far from it. Families purchase these items because they are inexpensive and have familiar brand names, and it saddens me that there is so much ignorance.
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Sunday, 06 June 2010 21:21

Say (Rock-a) Bye to Chemicals

Attention Mommies in Los Angeles: scoop up your babies, grab your stroller, and head to Sherman Oaks - there's a new sustainable store in town just for you! Whether you've just discovered that you're pregnant (congrats!) or you're raising a toddler, I highly recommend you check out GreenCradle.

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