Tuesday, 29 September 2009 12:50

Fellow vegan dog blogs

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I found out that two of the great vegan peeps I follow on Twitter have vegan dog blogs too!

  • @happyherbivore mentions her vegan pugs on her blog
  • They have tried and enjoyed a number of vegan and vegetarian dog formulas. The pugs recommend: PetGuard Vegetarian formula, V-dog, Wenaewe and Nature’s Balance for kibble. For treats, they live and die for watermelon and baby carrots but they are also passionate about Mr. Pugsly’s Vegetarian Dog Biscuits by PetGuard, Andean Dream Quinoa Dog Cookies and Old Mother Hubbard’s Just Veggin’ treats. They also eat a wide assortment of grains, beans, fruits and vegetables.

    @GoMaxGoFoods (a company that makes delicious vegan candy bars) does not have a vegan dog blog, they used to have a vegan dog (named Max) and recommended:
    Natures recipe vegetarian dog food (vegan) & 4 treats: carrots & ice cubes! Also peanut butter is a big dog yum, as is most vegan food you can spare from ur own plate :-)

    Bianca from Vegan Crunk just started blogging about vegan recipes for her dog Datson

    VeganDogBlog has some great resources.

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