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The New Chicago Diner Cookbook by Jo A. Kaucher, with Kat Barry & The Chicago Diner CrewProduct review by EvG team member Kelly O’Brien: 

Practically every vegan across the U.S. knows about The Chicago Diner, a legendary destination as far as plant based restaurants goes! As a ChiTown resident, I get to go there whenever I like - spoiled, I know!!! Since 1983, The Diner has been building it’s reputation as THE Chicago vegan/vegetarian choice to eat at for years. Even back when the city's reputation with meat-and-potatoes was the norm, this little cozy diner was making waves. The Chicago Diner is pretty darn famous here in our city and everyone that stops by for a meal, leaves with a big smile on their face and satisfied belly. It really is a special attraction for both natives and tourists alike.

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Product review by EvG team member Kelly O’Brien: 

Before Macro-Life Naturals sent me their products to review, I knew absolutely nothing about the company. A big box arrived at my doorstep and inside was a container labeled 'Macro-Greens'. Macro-Greens is a powdered formula that you scoop into a glass of water or juice, mix and the benefits are almost too good to be true...yet they are! Macro-Greens consists of certified organic barley greens and "a multiple system photo-nutrient herbal blend" (their words) that includes 18 Billion probiotics. I was ready to stabilize my blood sugar while gaining a whole lot of energy, so, put away all of my 'greens' supplements and savored this delicious drink every day! It's pretty incredible when you really start to realize the long list of benefits. Yes, it is gluten-free as well which was an extra added bonus.

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Sustainability & Healthy Living Sweeps Chicago with Luke Saunder’s Passion Project, ‘Farmer’s Fridge’

EvG team member Kelly O’Brien met with Farmer’s Fridge creator & owner, Luke Saunders and shared what she learned about the innovative new concept.

As their website indicates, Farmer’s Fridge is a ‘fresh twist on an old concept’ of healthy sustainable salads and snacks….at your finger tips in a kiosk - aka...a vending machine. This kiosk is unlike any you have seen before though! Healthy primarily organic salads and fresh daily made snacks in eco-sustainable packaging is yours with the touch of a screen. The concept is absolutely brilliant and the very first thought to go through my mind was ‘What took you so long’? In Chicago, there is absolutely nothing like it!

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Friday, 08 June 2012 11:13

Viewer of the Month: Kelly Lynn O'Brien

I'm so excited to introduce you to Kelly Lynn O'Brien. Though we've yet to meet in person (plan to in a few weeks!), she is one of those people who is obviously amazing, even through internet chatter. Her goals are vast in that she wishes to inspire those that suffer from chronic health conditions, to dig deep and realize that 100 percent restoration of health is possible. After years of abundant success in the medical sales industry, Kelly was diagnosed with a rare health condition. She is incorporating an alkalizing vegan diet and an overall Integrative approach to health with hope to heal her body. Kelly Lynn is a Blogger at girlgoneveg.com, Writer for MindBodyGreen & she has created Eco-Minded Chicago, a Chicago based community focused on eco-conscious living. She has orchestrated one of the largest Vegan Meetup groups in the city of Chicago of which she intends on expanding as she heals & finally, she is an aspiring Children's Book Author. She hopes to one day return to her position in medical sales to teach what she has learned to the masses. So yeah, she's pretty awesome. Find her on Twitter as @klyob

Here's what she has to say about EvG and being vegan (she made me blush!):

My absolute 'go to' site for any information regarding plant based nutrition, healthy living tips and eco-fashion is Eco-VeganGal.com. I literally think it is the most informative eco-vegan website available on the web, due to the quality of content, simplicity of the layout and the very obvious passionate originator behind it, Whitney Lauritsen. I have interacted w/ numerous other bloggers and I have to say that Whitney's stands far & above the rest for it's originality. In addition to the immense education you will get regarding eco-veganism, Whitney gives us a peak into her own life as well as her own eco-conscious journey, which makes her incredibly relatable to her readers! This website of hers is clearly what I would label a 'passion project'.

As for my own personal successes via going vegan, the biggest is that I am living a more compassionate & kind life. I am no longer participating in the cruelty of harming innocent animals lives and because of this my entire body, mind & spirit are all much more vibrant & healthy. While it's easy to get overwhelmed with the transition into veganism, the bottom line is that my 'success' came the day I decided to no longer participate in the slaughter. Between Eco-Vegan Gal's new website, newsletter and her plethora of videos, she takes 'challenging' out of the equation of going vegan. While It's too hard to choose one favorite video she has developed, I love when she shares what she eats during the day, the series on her own weight loss journey and finally, her spirited travels w/ her sister, Mary are entertaining!

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