Monday, 22 June 2009 18:59

Master Cleanse: Day 2

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I'm feeling good, but I'm definitely feeling different. The best way to describe it is "fuzzy", almost like a caffeine high - my body is in a little shock that I'm not eating, and the detox is beginning. I can think pretty clearly, but my thoughts a little delayed.

My appetite is pretty low - I'm really not interested in drinking the lemonade. However, I have a ton of cravings. Every-time I see food I instantly want it, regardless of what it is - but I don't feel hungry, it's just my taste buds. It's kind of a relief to not be allowed to eat, because all the things I'm craving are "bad": pasta, bread, sugar. Normally I would just give in and eat them anyways, and now I'm so glad to have that under control.

The salt water flush hasn't worked at all, except I have a little bit of a stomach ache. I'm definitely a little "stopped up" - another sign that I should be doing this cleanse!

I'm already feeling "lighter" - my body feels good, not weighed down with "bad" foods. I look forward to eating raw foods when this is over! I plan to make some raw soups from my Euphoria recipe book - yum!
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