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Two Guys in Vermont Soup Review: Veggie Basil Goodness and Hearty Curried Apple Butternut Squash

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Review by EvG team member Amanda Shea:

I love soup all year round, and during the chilly seasons nothing compares to a warm bowl of it! Soup is lovely when full of nutrients, however the average processed soup is high in sodium and has a long shelf life due to all the preservatives it contains - I stay away from canned soup for that reason. Two Guys in Vermont’s sodium count ranges from 6%-12%, a quarter of comparable canned soups. It’s a great value at $6 dollars for each jar: it contains two servings, which amounts to $3 for each serving. It may cost more than canned soup but you are buying soup that contains real ingredients, with no preservatives. 

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Two Guys in Vermont were generous and sent me two of their three soup flavors. The first is Veggie Basil Goodness and the second Hearty Curried Apple Butternut Squash. The Veggie Basil Goodness caught my eye; I had to try it that day and it became my top choice. It is full of flavor - one ingredient didn’t overpower another. The white bean puree added a nice texture to the soup, while being light and creamy. The squash curry apple was flavorful; you can taste the freshness of the apple and squash mixed in with the curry. Note: If you are sensitive to apple cider vinegar like me, I would suggest skipping this flavor. 

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Two Guys in Vermont are committed to making vegan-friendly, gluten-free soups free of GMOs while supporting local farms. They opt out of using cans for their glass jars. You can easily find Two Guys in Vermont on their main site and on Facebook.

Writer Amanda Shea lives in the Boston area where she is a writer and vlogger for Flurt! She co-created and writes for The Envi Girls. Be sure to follow her on Twitter and stay tuned for more of her reviews on Eco-Vegan Gal!

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