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Recipes for an Organic, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, Sugar-Free Vegan Christmas

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I'll be honest, even though Christmas is only 2 days away I have no idea what I'm going to do for it, let alone what I'll eat. I guess that's what happens when work prevents me from being with my family for the holidays... but shall I decide to cook on December 25th I've got plenty of delicious recipes to choose from that are free of animal products, gluten, sugar and soy - all thanks to an ebook.

Blogger and chef Nicola Griffiths of sent me her marvelous e-cookbook, Vegan Christmas, to check out and I'm really blown away by it. It is one of the most beautiful ebooks I've ever seen - incredibly well laid out and the pictures make me want to run into the kitchen and cook/bake all day. This book should be in print (maybe with your support it will be!). 

Here are some of the tastiest looking recipes:
  • Olive Oil and Thyme Oatcakes
  • Definitely not Foie Gras
  • Ackee Tarts
  • Petit Pois and Nutmeg Soup
  • Aubergine Steaks with Basil Marinade
  • Amazing Gravy from Scratch
  • Clementine Cheesecake
Instead of wheat recipes are made with buckwheat, gram flour, brown rice flour and occasionally rye, kamut flour and wholemeal stone ground spelt for those that can tolerate them. Refined sugar is replace with xylitol and agave, though you could probably use stevia too. Though the recipes are not advertised as being soy-free, most of them are and the rest are easily modified to be.
There are even 4 sample menus at the end to help you figure out what dishes to combine for an incredible Christmas meal. The ebook costs just under $8 (£4.99) and while you could find some free recipes on the web, I'd love to see you support Nicola - what a great gift that would be for her. : ) Plus, making holiday foods from scratch is much more eco-friendly than buying pre-made or packaged items at a store - just sayin'.  I'm confident that you'll absolutely love the book - if you're unsure check out her sample recipes.

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