Friday, 15 January 2010 06:25

Shoijin: video review

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Back in December I introduced my non-vegan friend Aimee to Shojin in Downtown L.A. It was my second visit and the food was just as good as the first time.

We enjoyed:
  • mountain potatoes
  • seitan pepper steak
  • miso ginger soup
  • strawberry short cake
Taste: 8/10
Unique menu & flavors: yes
Organic: yes
Healthy: yes (macrobiotic, no refined sugar, no chemicals)
Customer service: excellent
Atmosphere: beautiful, cozy
Parking: free in garage with validation
Price: moderate (that meal was about $50 for 2 people)
Favorite dish: seitan pepper steak
Non-vegan opinion: she was a little weirded out by the "steak", but loved the miso soup

Someday I will finally post my video on my first visit (from March 2009), but this second video is a little more up to date.

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  • Yelp - currently 4 stars
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