Thursday, 21 January 2010 19:18

Chocri -make your own chocolate!

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(Thanks to Rachel from Ecostiletto for this tip!)

Chocri is a website that lets you design your own chocolate - what a great gift (for Valentine's Day perhaps?). It's kinda like Pink Berry for chocolate - fun! And the best part is, it's organic and fair trade!

In regards to being vegan, Chocri states:
"our dark chocolate is free from animal products, although we legally can’t absolutely guarantee that there are no traces of milk."

There are all sorts of neat things to mix into your chocolate - fruit, nuts, spices, candy, grains - not sure how I would ever make up my mind! Actually, I would probably add rose petals, hazelnuts, and/or gold flakes! : )

**Order on or before February 1 to receive chocolate bars in time for Valentine's Day.**
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