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Natural Products Expo West: Sunday, March 14, 2010

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My last day at the Expo was pretty hectic, but still fun. I almost didn't go, but decided to because I wanted to talk to the companies I missed the other days. So I raced down after working and spent 2 hours there. Surprisingly, I was able to meet a lot of people in that short amount of time. And, Sunday is the day when they give out the most products, so I left with 2 full bags of fun stuff to try!

The Expo is an interesting observation of human psychology. Waylon Lewis articulated this very well on Elephant Journal. There was a sense of rush-rush there and constant judgment - everyone has an agenda. Every-time I went to a booth I could tell I was being scanned to see if I was worth talking to, or just deserving of a sample. If I qualified to be spoken to, their eyes were often looking over my shoulder for their next opportunity. Granted, that's what these events are all about - networking and doing business. Most interesting was watching the attendees grab away at samples as if their lives depended on it. I kept thinking about how much waste was involved, and that most of us didn't really need any of it - but by nature we gotta have it because everyone else wants it. Even I fell into that trap and ended up taking home a ton of products - most of which I'm sending to my sister as a treat.

Overall, I had an incredible time and can't wait for next year. I met some amazing people and tried some great products. Here's my last video, but stayed tuned for the one I shot and edited for Elephant Journal!

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