Monday, 22 March 2010 18:46

Dinner at Pacific'O in Lahaina (Maui)

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After doing a lot of research on where to dine on my birthday, we settled on Pacific'O because it was right on the ocean and used organic, local produce. Plus, when I called to make the reservation they were more than happy to make anything vegan.

When we arrived we were very happy -it is a beautiful restaurant and the sunset had just begun.

We started with some fruity drinks, and I got a Peach on the Beach, which had just the right amount of sweet and liquer. Then we enjoyed the Maui Onion salad, which had greens, tomatos, fried  artichoke hearts (subbed for goat cheese), and a smoked tomato dressing. It was really flavorful and fresh.

For the main courses we shared 2 tofu dishes, and both were cooked to perfection. The Blackened Tofu was sweet, creamy, crunchy, savory, warm, and smokey. The Coconut Macadamia tofu (which is usually made with Mahi Mahi) was crunchy, not too sweet, spicy, airy, light, and fruity. The flavor was overall subtle, not as coconuty as I would have liked, and I did not like the way they prepared the kabocha squash (though my friend loved it), but I enjoyed it.

To top it all of, they brought out guava sorbet with fruit and a birthday candle, and it was some of the best sorbet I've ever had - incredible flavor and texture.

Overall, we all loved this restaurant. The atmosphere was gorgeous, and peaceful, and it was in a great part of town. The service was excellent - very attentive. The food was delicious - very satisfying and the portions were perfect. I am so glad I celebrated my birthday there, and I highly recommend it.
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