Thursday, 01 April 2010 22:27

Daiya cheese crisps - get your fix

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Perhaps my obsession with Daiya has gone a little too far...

When I saw the company at the Natural Products Expo one of the staff members put something in front of me and said, "you have to try this." I glanced down and saw what looked like thin crackers - turns out it was pieces of baked Daiya - INCREDIBLE! It actually tasted a lot like cheese sticks.

A few weeks later a container of Daiya was burning a hole in my fridge, but I was out of things to put it on (bread, tortillas, pasta, dough). I was really craving it, so decided to try making the crisps myself.
  • heated the over to 350 degrees
  • sprinkled the Daiya on a baking sheet
  • let it bake for about 8-10 minutes
  • took it out and the Daiya crisps came off easily
It turned out perfectly - crispy, oily, creamy; who needs a pizza when you've got this?! OK - I admit, I still love anything with Daiya on it (in fact I also had Amy's Rice Macaroni & Cheeze earlier), but if you're in a bind and really need to satisfy your craving this will do the trick. Maybe I should start selling these...
; ) 
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