Friday, 02 April 2010 23:32

Vegan-Eco Lips

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Yes, I know, I wrote "vegan-eco" instead of "eco-vegan" in the title. That's because I'm talking about a vegan lip balm by Eco Lips, so it was appropriate to say it the other way around. ; )

I met Eco Lips at the Natural Products Expo but didn't get to try their products because they were all out of vegan stuff. However, luck would have it that last weekend I had lip care emergency - my lips were dry and uncomfortable and I forgot my Crazy Rumors behind! So I jetted over to Whole Foods in search of relief - can you believe Eco Lips was the only vegan option out of about 10 other brands? (what's up with that Whole Foods? This store didn't even have Merry Hempters!). Most chapsticks contain beeswax, so I was grateful to see the phrase "bee free" on one of Eco Lips sticks. Though I admit, I wasn't thrilled that the only vegan flavor was Lemon-Lime, especially after being spoiled by the fun Crazy Rumors choices.

Turns out, I'm really digging Eco Lips, and the lemon-lime is actually pretty tasty.
  • goes on smooth
  • 70% organic
  • Non GMO
  • Petroleum-free
Maybe Eco Lips will consider making more vegan lip balms in different flavors...
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