Monday, 14 June 2010 09:43

Fried indulgence: vegan chili fries with Daiya from FrySmith

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Opps, I did it again. I cheated. I couldn't help it - I had an opportunity to try FrySmith for the first time and I wanted to review them. Though my stomach wasn't very happy about ingesting the oil and soy, my taste buds were thankful for the treat.

Coming from a non-vegan food truck, I didn't expect the fries to be anything special, but they had great flavor. The soy chorizo was really sweet and a little spicy, and the texture was smooth and creamy. It was topped with Daiya cheese, which met my usual high expectations. I tried both the regular fries and sweet potato fries; I have to say I preferred the latter with the chili, but the sweet potato was good and nice to have as an option.

My friends that got the non-vegan toppings seemed really happy too, and many raved about the kimchi.

The customer service was excellent - the girl that took my order was incredibly sweet and positive. And despite the long line, the fries were ready really fast. Perhaps best of all, the truck runs on the fry oil - very eco.

Though I'm going to continue eating minimal amounts of oil and soy, I may consider taking another detour if presented with another opportunity to have FrySmith - I really enjoyed it. If you'd like to try them, you can find their location on Twitter.

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