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Evie update: almost 12 weeks old!

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Evie's been with me for 2 weeks now, and it's certainly been fun. But it's been challenging too.

  • Biggest challenge is working my schedule around having a puppy. I don't want to leave her alone for more than 4-5 hours. Since I live by myself and have 2 jobs, this is tough. I've been able to work it out so that I come home during my lunch breaks from my full-time job, but my part-time job has been rough since it's retail. Eventually she'll go to Doggy Day Care when she's old enough, but for now it's a balance of switching hours and getting friends to watch her.
  • It's also frustrating that I can't bring her into stores. Usually I sneak her in with her backpack, but I've been stopped and asked to leave. Seems silly to me that you can't bring a dog inside even when they're in a carrier...
  • Since she's teething I have to watch her every move to make sure she doesn't eat something bad or chew on my stuff. When she starts to chew on something bad I uses the sound "eh eh!" instead of "no", as it's a little bit more positive. Then I distract her with a toy she's aloud to chew. But it's constant super vision.
  • Potty training has its ups and downs. She does very well on the pee pads (from Eco-Hound), but if they're dirty or she's outside of her play pen she'll go on the floor. I take her outside at least 3 times a day and she's getting used to going on the grass. However, her biggest mistakes have been going in her beautiful bike basket (by Cynthia's Twigs) and in the car - these moments are a mystery to me since they happen after walks.
  • Today was her first day eating completely vegan! I slowly weened her off Wellness but putting less and less in her bowl and adding more and more Vegedog kibble. I also add small amounts of supplements from The Flying Basset.
  • I kept her in the crate during bedtime for the first week or so, but tried her out in my bed and she made it through a few nights without any mistakes. The nights she did go, she got off my bed and went in the bathroom or near her playpen.
  • Evie loves training, and even knows the word when I say it. I do little sessions with her at least twice a day. I sit on the floor and show her how to do something, then reward her when she does it. Through repetition she'll learn to do it on her own within a few days. So far she knows: sit, right paw, left paw, lay down, and high five (hitting her paws on my hands).
  • She's getting very good on and off the leash outside. She is learning to walk faster and be less resistant. Today I worked with her in a safe place about walking and running off leash, learning to stop when I stop walking/running. She is also learning to sit when people are passing, and wait for me to allow her to say hello to them.
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