Friday, 26 June 2009 03:15

Master Cleanse: Day 5

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Today went very smoothly - nothing new or exciting happened. 

For some reason the salt water flush hasn't been effective, but after drinking Chocolate Smooth Move around 11pm I wake up needing to use the bathroom around 6:30 or 7am like clockwork. 

I'm definitely sad that I "can't" eat, but it's still more about missing tastes and texture than feeling starved. I feel hungry now and then, but a few gulps of the lemonade curb that right away. 
It's funny how just seeing a food word, like beans, makes me want it so bad. 

I was thinking of stopping tonight and starting the OJ tomorrow, but I think I'm going to go until Sunday night (which will be Day 8). Maybe by that point I'll want to go until Day 10 (Tuesday), but I want to be ready to eat some solid foods for July 4th (Saturday). 

If you plan to do the Master Cleanse it definitely helps to do it during a busy period of your life. This time has been much easier, since I've been working full days and haven't had any down time. I also recommend doing it at a time when you don't have any plans for get-togethers/parties, special events, holidays, etc. You don't want all the temptation of food around, and you don't want to rush out of it either. 

This morning I woke up and felt and saw a significant difference in my body - my stomach is a lot flatter. My face has also trimmed down and I've been told my skin looks great. This is probably the worst part of doing the cleanse, because these results are not permanent. Maybe the weight will stay off for a little bit, but it will eventually come back, especially if you revert to your previous eating habits. 

The cleanse is mainly a mental challenge. Your body feels great and not very hungry, but your mind can play tricks on you. You'll crave food and feel tempted to give in. It's definitely boring drinking the lemonade day in day out too. But the goal is to give in to the cleanse and let go of your emotional ties to food. Another goal is to recognize your feelings about food and learn to change your negative eating habits. Every time you feel tempted to eat, think about what you want and why, and how it effects your body. If you start craving really healthy food then that's a great sign! By the time the cleanse is over you'll be happy to eat anything, so start new habits right away, and you'll realize how much better you feel.
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