Monday, 29 June 2009 00:42

Master Cleanse: Days 6 - 8

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Sorry I haven't updated my Master Cleanse journey in the past 3 days, but I've been working on my short movie (remember, I'm also a filmmaker!) However, doing this movie is not only the reason for the cleanse but also the reason for its success. I did the cleanse to help get me physically slim and emotionally drained for my role in the movie. And because of all my focus on the project, not eating has been a breeze. In fact, I barely wanted any of the drink the past 2 days because I've been so focused. As I've said before, timing is everything with the cleanse. You must be fully ready to do it/commit to it, and you also need to pick the right time in your schedule. This experience has been successful for me because my days have been very busy and distracting, and I also haven't been around a lot of people eating.
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