Tuesday, 30 June 2009 18:48

Master Cleanse: Day 10 - Last Day of Lemonade!

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I made it to Day 10!

This morning I woke up at 6:30 and finally used the bathroom, which was a relief. I forgot to take the laxative tea last night, but the salt water flush must have done the trick. It's strange, but last time I did the cleanse the salt water would take effect within 30 minutes, but this time it's very delayed.

I haven't been very hungry and it's really tough getting myself to drink the lemonade. I'm also getting pretty sick of the taste, so that's makes it tough too. I think of it more as a necessary task that I need to do to curb my occasional hunger, but I really should be drinking a lot more. I actually feel quite full and hydrated, so I don't even want much water.

I'm really looking forward to the soups and juices on Day 12, but it will be nice to drink orange juice tomorrow. I bought a bag of oranges from the Farmer's Market and will juice them tonight. I'm most excited about eating a salad on Day 13! I plan to have my favorite raw salad from Euphoria Loves Rawvolution - their Cafe Salad is killer. I really want to stick to raw foods and salads for a while, but July 4th might be a brief exception. I'll have to hit up Leaf Cuisine - they also have great salads and collard green wraps. Stay tuned for a bunch of raw and salad video reviews!

I forgot to mention that I started using fresh squeezed lemon juice on Friday and it tastes much better than the organic juice from the bottle.
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