Monday, 29 June 2009 19:02

Master Cleanse: Day 9

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I planned to come off the lemonade and start drinking the OJ today, but I wasn't ready to stop! I feel so good - I feel like I could go for several more days easily. This is not how I felt the previous times I did the cleanse, so it's pretty exciting.

I haven't been very interested in drinking the lemonade. I don't feel hungry at all. I can barely finish one bottle (3 cups) in a day! And I don't feel weak or tired.

I got on the scale and I lost at least 7 pounds, which is almost 1lb a day! Too bad most of it will come back!

I drank the salt water this morning but it hasn't resulted in anything. I'm a little nervous because I didn't do it all weekend, nor have I had the laxative tea since Thursday night. I just didn't want to deal with an upset stomach during my movie shoot. But now I regret it because I haven't had any movement since Friday! So I'm just going to keep drinking salt water until something happens! I'm afraid I might have major cramps, since it's been so long. I'll keep you posted! ; )

UPDATE: Hours later and still nothing! I'm sure the laxative tea will help tonight.
I was tempted by some corn chips and pasta - exactly what I shouldn't be eating! It's going to be a challenge coming off this cleanse and trying to avoid foods like that!
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