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Advice for a new vegan

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I recently received the following email from a woman who just went vegan. Please read it and let me know what advice you'd like to give to her in the comments below - I'm sure she'd love to have multiple opinions! : )

"I am about a couple weeks in becoming a vegan. I am feeling better by the day. I do find my emotions becoming more sensitive. I am grateful for this, but also a little anxious and down. The sensitivity of becoming vegan is coming on a little strong. I find myself caring more. This is all great, but different. I feel vulnerable. I was just curious to know if you remember symptoms like these and if so, how you dealt with them. Was your detox ever overwhelming at times? Also, I tried watching the documentary Earthlings, and I had to turn it off, I felt disturbed. This disturbing feeling is hard to wane. Should I just ignore the cruelty of animals, due to my inability to cope and know that being vegan is enough, or should I suck it up and continue to be informed. I'm confused. I know this will pass, but I just want to know how the beginning of your journey began and how you made it easier."

Here's how I will respond:

  • I don't remember going through a detox. Not sure if that's because it's been so long (almost 7 years) or if I didn't experience it at all. However, I do remember feeling overwhelmed at times, with the amount of new things to learn about the lifestyle - my advice is to take it slow and be patient with yourself; this change will take time.
  • You can read about my experience when I first saw Earthlings here. In summary, it was extremely hard to watch but it changed my life in so many ways. Shawn Monson summarized it well in the video interview I did with him, saying that we should take in the negative energy and purify it, and quoted Gretchen Wyler: "We must not refuse with our eyes, what they must endure with their bodies." Since Shawn said that, I have a whole new perspective on those "shock films" and remembered that quote while watching The Cove.
  • Check out this article from my pals Maryl & Silvie: "Spring Cleansing Side Effect: Mental Toxicity"

Looking forward to reading your advice for her, and passing it on. : )
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