Monday, 05 April 2010 06:14

Millions of Milkshakes to have a vegan option again!

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Last summer I was thrilled that Millions of Milkshakes had a sugar-licious vegan milkshake, and then I was super bummed a few months later when they stopped carrying it. However, I found out today that they're creating a new vegan shake!

According to their Twitter account: "Join PETA and Pamela Anderson as she creates the First ALL-VEGAN Shake at Millions of Milkshakes on Friday April 9th at 3pm" 

And Pamela stated on their Facebook account:
"I did want to take a few minutes to prove that one can create a truly delicious treat without having to rely on any animal products in the process. It is going to be a Vegan Vanilla Coconut Pineapple shake! I've always liked to shake things up so I'm thrilled to create the first vegan item on the menu – and at the same time I hope to get to meet some fans and to thank everyone for their support...”

I won't be in town to witness it, but if you are it'd be a fun event to attend. When I return I'll be sure to check out the new milkshake soon and report back.


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