Tuesday, 06 April 2010 03:44

Q.bel double dark chocolate wafer bars

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Q.bel recently came out with a vegan version of their chocolate wafer bars, and it is really tasty. It's about time, because I've been eyeing their products for a while but couldn't try them because they contained dairy!

All of the elements in the bars are very even: just the right amount of crunchy, sweet, and creamy. Though it is dark chocolate, it is not bitter. They are also the perfect size - it will curb your sugar & chocolate craving.

The bars are free of:
  • artificial flavors
  • colors
  • perservatives
  • high fructose corn syrup
  • hydrogenated oils
However, they do contain soy and wheat and they're not organic.

Q.bel is a really nice, small company - their moto is Be True. Be Honest. Be Good. and they stand behind their all-natural ingredients. A little side note, I think the story behind their name is cute: Q stands for quality and Bel is short for Isabel, the owner's wife. : )

You can find them at most natural markets, like Whole Foods. For a list of retailers, click here.
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