Wednesday, 07 April 2010 17:25

Talking to Ed Begley Jr. about being eco-vegan

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My friend Heather Lounsbury has a great radio show on health, and today Ed Begley Jr. was her guest. I called in and asked him: "what is do you think is the key to helping people learn to care about changing the way they eat and treat the planet?"

He suggested reading Mad Cowboy (on my list) and said vegan food is "flavorful, delicious food, you won't miss the meat" and is "the right way to live", comparing cattle farms to the Dachau concentration camp. As for the eco side of it, he mentioned how many resources it takes to raise meat compared to growing broccoli in the backyard like he does. "Less meat is better for you, certainly for the cattle, for the planet.". For meat-eaters, he recommended several of my favorite restaurants in L.A., such as Madeleine Bistro.

Check out the recording below - Ed had a lot of great things to say (he "walks the walk", as Heather pointed out). For instance, I learned that he is selling his famous green home in L.A. - can you imagine buying that?! Overall, he came across as very modest, especially when he talked about his Begley's Best products as if no-one knew about them! Search for Begley's Best

At the end, Heather gave me a great shout-out (she's the best)! Please tune into her show every week - she has fantastic guests that are right up your alley! : )

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