Sunday, 25 April 2010 20:43

Seattle summary

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My second time in Seattle was very brief and I made a point to return to the restaurants I enjoyed during my first trip. I was in town mainly to attend the VegFest, which was a lot of fun.

My favorite products at VegFest:

I went to Pizza Pi twice (just as I did my first time to Seattle) and clearly I enjoy that restaurant. I have to admit their pizza wasn't quite as good as I remember, perhaps because there's so much vegan pizza in L.A. now. However, I had an incredible ceasar salad and french onion soup, and the gluten-free pizza and bread sticks were good.

A stop in Sidecar for Pig's Peace was a must, but I felt a little jaded because I wasn't impressed by most of the items. I think L.A. has become more vegan friendly since I was last in Seattle! Though, I do wish there was a Sidecar location here because they have some fun and hard to find items, especially for pets.

I joined some friends at Araya's Vegetarian Place but only had a thai iced tea. I liked the atmosphere - really spacious, dark, and pretty. The menu was typical of vegan thai, but there were a few special items. Though, my friends didn't seem very impressed.

I checked out PCC Natural Market but didn't like it as much as Whole Foods because it didn't have a great vegan selection.

Stay tuned for videos from the trip!
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