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9 Ways to Enjoy Vida Vegan Con Even If You're Not There

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It's funny that I couldn't afford to go to Vida Vegan Con, the 1st vegan blogger conference, because I quit my job to focus on this blog and have been living paycheck to paycheck for about a year and a half. Certainly not complaining - I love my flexible freelance life, but it's really a bummer when I have to miss out on things outside my budget. However, I'm looking on the bright side as always and figure I'm not alone - there are plenty of people who aren't going because of the cost, location (Portland, OR), or because it sold out really fast. So here are some ways to enjoy the conference without being there.

1. Follow #VidaVeganCon on Twitter. It's a great way to hear about all the exciting things happening (just try not to get too envious) and "meet" new people. Follow all of the accounts you haven't heard of and make some new virtual friends!

2. Read all the VVC blog posts. This is a vegan blogger convention, so the next week (and beyond) is going to be FLOODED with amazing articles by the 200 plus attendees. Click here to go directly to a Google blog search for the phrase "Vida Vegan Con"

3. Search for VVC videos on YouTube. There may not be a lot of vegan vloggers out there, but those that do it are amazing (thank you very much). I'm looking forward to seeing the conference through their lenses. Click here to go directly to the search.

4. Buy the same vegan food they're eating. Just because you're not there doesn't mean you can't eat like them! Find out what they're raving about and go get some! Plus, this supports all the amazing vegan companies out there, so it's a win win. So far, everyone is raving about the cupcakes from Portland's Sweetpea Baking served by my friends at VegNews, and Homegrown Smoker BBQ

5. Check out the products they're talking about. Attendees will be swapping info left and right at VVC and jumping on their mobiles to tell you about it, so go learn more about all the awesome vegan stuff. I was excited to hear Panda with Cookie from @veganLazySmurf.
6. Learn. Attendees are sharing so much information about veganism already! I learned about Sunny Day Farms from @veganLazySmurf.

7. Tell them what they're missing! There are plenty of things happening in other parts of the world that attendees won't be able to do while at VVC, so go out, do it and blog about it so they can read about your adventures too.

8. Be excited for the attendees. Don't hate 'em because you couldn't make it. Trust me, I seriously considered turning off Twitter all weekend so I wouldn't have to hear about it, but after thinking of all of the above reasons I realized I could have fun at home too.

9. Save up for next year! I know I will be - no way I'm missing out again!

Got any more suggestions? Let me know in the comment section and I'll add it to the post!  Are you are VVC? Comment below and let me know how it's going!

Here are some of the new tweepeople I followed today: 
What I can't wait to check out:
Vegan friends I wish I was hanging out with at VVC:
Some photos from VVC:
#Vidavegancon tote bags! Aarrrghghggghhhhh!
from @vegtasticvoyage

[email protected]

The presumably very rare men's speaker gift bag! (Did the ladies get all pink tubes and diva cups?) #vidavegancon
from @SuperVegan

from @TheBlissfulChef

Is there more champaign and cider, or are they out already?! Lotsa cupcakes left, though! #vidavegancon
from @SuperVegan

from @lechousauvage

from @inmypies

from @inmypies
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