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EVG Video Update, featuring Elliott's Ethos

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A while back I did a survey and asked EVG readers what they liked best about the site, and most people answered that they like the video content. Thus, I have been feeling super guilty about my lack of video posts recently...or lack of original posts all together. So, I decided to try to do some quick YouTube updates and feature all the amazing companies I've been meaning to review for so long.

For the first video update, I speak about Elliot's Ethos, a wonderful company that makes cruelty-free skin and body care products. They sent me samples of their bubble bath and face scrub and I absolutely love them, especially the latter. Check out my thoughts in the video.

I also spoke about an update on my diet, No 'Poo hair experiment, teeth brushing, and deodorant. I feel like a super hippie with my untraditional methods, but it's all working well. : ) Check out this great oral hygiene tip from YouTube:

Take a teaspoon of cold pressed virgin coconut oi, put it in your mouth and swish it for 15-20 minutes and spit it out. Then you rinse your mouth with some water mixed with some Celtic sea salt and then you brush your teeth. Coconut oil destroys bacteria that cause bad breath, tooth decay and gum disease. Whenever my gums feels sore, I gently rub or massage them with coconut oil and it quickly relives it.

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