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Video: How to Make Vegan Dog Food for a Puppy Using VegeDog Supplement

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Back in November 2009 when Evie first came into my life I made her food from scratch because there's currently no packaged vegan dog food on the market that's formulated for puppies. I used the trusted VegeDog supplement as recommended by my vet Dr. Armaiti May. It was really easy and inexpensive to make - just took a little time every couple of days unless I made a big batch. I felt great knowing that I was in control of every ingredient going into her food, especially since a lot of dog food content is pretty questionable. And best of all, it was eco-friendly because I could buy a lot of items in bulk and they lasted a while.

If you've been following this website you already know that Evie has been thriving on the vegan diet. She really enjoyed the VegeDog recipe I used and has like V-dog and her current food Natural Balance. I recommend that you consult your vet before switching a dog to a vegan diet, but in my experience and research it's very safe and healthy if you make sure they're getting all the necessary nutrients.

I recorded this instructional video back in November 2009, right when I started my journey with Evie the Eco-Vegan Dog.

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