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Heath insurance: in case of emergency

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This really has nothing to do with the environment or veganism, but since I've been discussing it on Twitter and Facebook, and because others are interested, I thought I'd share.

The events in Haiti inspired me to consider what I would do in the case of a major accident. I am semi-prepared for an earthquake (I've got some supplies at home), but probably not as much as I should be. Since I am a freelance worker right now, I don't have health insurance, but that is no excuse. Although I am very healthy and don't really need to see a doctor, I should have insurance in the event of an emergency.
I asked my Twitter and Facebook community for advice and recommendations, and this is what they've said. Please feel free to comment and add input. Thanks everyone - I love social media!
Company recommendations:
  • "Blue Cross or Kaiser will both work fine, just get coverage towards the (inpatient) hospital side and less on the clinic side. It will cover the high expense emergencies should they happen" (Personal opinion: I had Kaiser for a job and I loved it. Maybe I'll go back to them...)
  • "Check out Blue Cross online for their young person's programs."
  • My co-worker uses Blue of California because it was cheap but hasn't used it yet
General advice:
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