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In May 2010 I was interviewed for Natural Dog Magazine about raising a vegan dog. I finally received a copy of it to share with you! Here is an expert - read the article for more, including advice from my amazing friend and vet Dr. Armaiti May:

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I had a blast today chatting with Joni Yung, the Accidental Yogist about eco-veganism, moving, traveling, hotels and social media - check it out (I'm interviewed about 1 hour into the show)

Also featuring interviews with:

  • Tara Taylor Donlan, coordinator of Hanuman Jayanti at Vedanta Society Hollywood 
  • Meredith LeBlanc, yoga instructor and co-founder of Twitter Yoga Book Club
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Thursday, 15 September 2011 15:52

Featured in High Desert Dog Magazine!

A few months ago I was approached by High Desert Dog magazine, who asked if I would write an article about raising a vegan dog. I received the published issue in the mail today and am so honored to be in a section entitled "Humanely Healthy Diets", which also features articles by PETA, James Peden of VegeDog, and vet Dr. Armaiti May, who have all influenced and guided my journey with Evie. The feature on the plant-based diet for dogs is a wonderful summary of how healthy and easy it is, dispelling many myths on the subject. Check it out!
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If you're looking for a guilt-free snack eat kale chips. They are the ultimate in healthy indulgence. Crispy, sweet, slightly salty with organic, raw, minimal ingredients (gluten and soy free). It's a financial splurge worth making since making them at home requires a dehydrator (to do it right) and at least half a day of waiting for them to be done. There are a lot of kale chips on the market, and one of my favorite companies is Rhythm Superfoods. I interviewed the co-founder, Keith, at Expo West 2011 and he told me the story behind the products and his passion. 

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While at the Natural Products Expo West this year I had the opportunity to interview the founder, president and face behind Bob's Red Mill Natural Foods: Bob Moore himself! He spoke about the importance of whole grains in the diet, his vast gluten-free offerings, organic options, where his ingredients come from (how far from the base near Portland, OR), and the sustainability of the company. Bob is a very sweet and sincere man - my favorite quote from him is the very last one in the video about life as an 82 year old! I hope you enjoy this interview!
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There are a LOT of great products at Expo West each year - it's pretty overwhelming. But one of the most memorable foods I tried in 2011 was without a doubt Hail Merry. If you live in certain parts of the country - like Colorado, Texas or Virginia - you may have spotted their raw tarts in the refrigerated section and drooled over their descriptions and affordable price; if you didn't buy them you're a fool! These vegan tarts are mind blowingly good - in fact, they don't even taste raw or gluten-free. They're sweet and creamy - thank goodness they're small because if they came in a regular pie size I'd likely eat it all in one sitting. And I'm not alone - Veg News agreed and awarded Hail Merry the Best New Veagn Product of Show!
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One thing that often gets in the way of people going vegan or having a healthy vegan diet is money. I've been there too, but someone I always get great organic food in my life (sometimes it's just more basic than other times!). It's no wonder deal sites like Groupon have taken off - everyone wants to save money! And fortunately, there has also been an explosion of green offerings, like GatherGreen, WinWinLiving, Blissmo and Daily Gourmet. Unfortunately, as great as these eco-friendly deals are, they're not always vegan friendly, so when they pile up in the inbox or social media feeds it can become a little frustrating for vegans who want to save too. In comes VeganCuts, a deal site that is exclusively vegan, featuring discounts on beauty products, clothing, shoes, food, etc. and is the subject of today's video.
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It's always exciting to randomly come across a sign with the word "vegan" on it, which is what happened to me a few weeks ago on a San Francisco street. While walking down Valencia in the Mission District I stumbled across a teal-colored van with the "organic vegan" on it - of course I had to stop. Upon inquiry I met Barbara, the woman behind the gourmet popsicles and a small business called Bomb Truck. While not everything she makes is vegan, the majority of her handmade treats are, and they're delicious. 
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It's so nice to be catching up on all my old videos! Like my last review on 118 Degrees, this piece on Pure Food and Wine has been on my mind since I tapped it last year. In fact, my sister has been bugging me about it because she thinks it's one of the best meals she's ever had with me, and I agree. Watching the footage again reminded me of how incredible the food is there (and how nice NYC is in the summer!). 

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