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If you like cheesy, spicy, dippy, soy-free, nut-free, fat-free food, then I've got just the thing for you: vegan queso by Food For Lovers. This delicious Velveeta-like "cheese dip" was created by two young lovebirds (thus the name - they're insanely adorable). Crystal is Mexican and missed her home country's dishes when she went vegan, so naturally she decided to perfect a vegan queso recipe. And perfect it she did! This healthier queso is so yummy most people gobble down a whole jar up in less than a day (guilty as charged)!
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While at the Natural Products Expo West 2011 I sat down with Dennis Godby, MA, ND to talk to him about his naturopathic medical practice, his upcoming event (The Run), and hear what he had to say about health in general. He's incredibly down to Earth and provided some great tips on how the food that we eat and they way that we live effects how we feel, which is very much inline with my opinions. 
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