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“We will be known forever by the tracks we leave”…Dakota Proverb

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Few things are as exciting as getting a preview of something before it comes out, am I wrong? Assuming I'm not, you'll be excited today because I'm giving you a sneak peak at Vegan Cuts' April Snack Box! Why? Because I co-curated it!! Since you're part of the EvG community you are the first to find out what's inside...well, I can't tell you everything or else I'd ruin the full surprise! But here's what I can tell you:

In February I was approached about applying for a program Ford Motor Company was launching called the Fiesta Movement. They were offering a fuel-efficicent car with all expenses paid (gas, insurance, various travel costs) in exchange for authentic video content and social media posts about the experience. After considering the opportunity and what it would mean for Eco-Vegan Gal, I realized it could help me generate more fun, fresh and inspirational content, so I sent in an audition video. While waiting for the outcome I became more and more excited about it, imagining all the adventures I could capture and share with you, which was quite nerve racking as I found out over 5,000 people had applied! Fortunately, I found out in May that I was accepted amongst a group of incredible YouTubers, and I was exstatic!

ecovegangal shirt whitney lauritsen

The Eco-Vegan Gal and Guy shirts have been so much more popular than I ever imagined - thank you for all of your support in buying and requesting them! I'm currently very low in stock, but due to the amount of questions about them recently I've started a form to collect the interest in one place. Once I receive enough requests I will place an order and notify those interested about how to officially order one. Hopefully this process will happen within the month.

A few months ago VegNews magazine approached me about writing an article about spring greening cleaning the home with tips on how to avoid and kick out nasty toxins. I was thrilled to contribute to their environemtal issue (entitled "Are We Screwed?") and learned a ton from researching the piece (I can reassure you, we are not screwed). This 'zine hit mailboxes a few days ago and should be in newstands now or quite soon so be sure to grab a copy! Here are a few of the simple ways to detox your home for better health (read the full lowdown in the article!):

  • Common household chemicals can cause skin irritation, respiratory problems, infertility, allergies, birth defects, cancer and psychological disorders. Shop for products labeled natural, non-toxic, chemical-free, green certified and/or organic.
  • You breathe in 10 to 20 thousand liters of air every day, inhaling all sorts of minuscule things - fortunately there are many indoor plants that can remove chemical vapors and toxic fumes from the air (find out which to buy in the article!)
  • Most tap water contains chlorine and/or fluoride, which can have harmful effects on brain cells, bones, organs and skin. Invest in a high quality filtration system (tips for finding the right one are in the article)
  • Many personal care products (yes, even the vegan brands) are loaded with harmful components. Purchase organic and truly natural products with short ingredient lists.
  • You spend roughly one third of your life in bed yet people rarely think about how it affects their health.
  • Plus, advice on non-toxic kitchen ware, bathroom stuff, bedroom essentials and personal care necessities.

Would love to hear your thoughts once you've read the article - what did you learn and how have you implemented it in your life? Have any further questions about toxic-free living?

By popular demand I finally have Eco-Vegan Gal Long Sleeve Shirts for sale! Yep, you can now proudly display your sustainable, plant-based lifestyle on ultra soft organic apparel. And to sweeten the deal: if you order one before October 29th you'll get some fabulous, free goodies! This deal applies to any shirt bought by Monday, so if you want the last EvGal short sleeve (XL size only) or an EvGuy short sleeve (medium and large available) now is the time!

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