Attending events is one of the best ways to learn about health and sustainability. Many feature lectures from experts in these fields and companies displaying their offerings at tables, while others are all about mingling. Learn about upcoming events around the world. and get an inside look at what Whitney experiences when she attends them.

Three years ago a fellow green blogger and friend of mine mentioned she was attending a festival called Lightning in a Bottle (LIB). I had never heard of it, but her coverage on the event really sparked my interest; she had me when she described it as "Coachella for the greener" and "Burning Man with an eco-twist". Last year I was invited to attend to do press coverage and I was deeply disapointed I couldn't make it, so this July I'm determined to go and share my experiences with you! If you're looking for an inspiring escape from the day-to-day, here's why you should join me at the 9th annual positive and uplifting experience instead of waiting for my video documentation.

Friday, March 9, 2012 was officially Day 1 of Natural Products Expo West, though a lot happened on Thursday as well. Take a look at what I discovered in my second video from the show, featuring:
  • Green Girl Next Door (blogger)
  • Coco Polo (stevia sweetened chocolate)
  • One Degree Foods (breads with full ingredient disclosure)
  • Food for Lovers (vegan queso and mayo)
  • Green Foods (green powders and vegan protein powders)
  • So Delicious (practically everything dairy-free)
  • Nature's Path (organic passion and delicious cereals and snacks)
  • Ashley Koff (incredible nutritionist)
  • Qrunch burgers (quinoa veggie burgers)
  • Vegucated (vegan documentary)
  • Healthy Voyager (blogger and author)
  • Vegan Cuts (vegan daily deal site)
  • Happy Cow (vegan restaurant site)
  • Living Eco (eco-vegan shopping and interviews)
  • Fair Trade USA
  • AlterEco (quinoa chocolate)

It has begun! Join me on my first day of Natural Products Expo West in this video, featuring the latest products from:

  • - PROBAR
  • - Pure Bar
  • - Artisana
  • - Purely Elizabeth
  • - Beanfields
  • - The Brooklyn Salsa Company
  • - Califia Almond Milk
  • - Bambooe
  • - Navitas Naturals
  • - Earth Balance
  • - VEGA
  • - Inner-Eco
  • - OMG!
  • - Poppy's Cleaners
  • - NibMor
  • - Pacari and Dr. Nita's
  • - Cloud-Top
  • - Bold Organics
  • - Yoga Earth's Keen-Wah
  • - Farmhouse Culture
  • - EatPastry

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