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Q&A: Where to Buy Glass or Stainless Steel Food Storage Containers

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Could you recommend an online store to buy stainless steel/glass tupperware and storage containers at a (very) reasonable price? I'm ready to rid my house of plastic!


There are countless options for plastic-free food storage options these days - here are some of my recommendations:

  • The Container Store has lots of glass options (from $1.49)
  • LunchBots - stainless steel lunch containers (starting at $14.99)
  • New Wave Enviro - stainless steel container sold at markets like Whole Foods (I think they're around $14)
  • Pyrex - glass containers (as cheap as $2.99)
  • To-Go Ware - stainless steel food carriers (from $18.95)
You can also find containers on Amazon, ebay, or Google shopping - just search for "glass food container"or "stainless steel food container" - you can also use the words "carrier" and "storage"
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