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If you're in Los Angeles or Canada, I HIGHLY recommend going to see Robert. I had an incredible experience, beyond any massage or chiropractic work I've ever had. If you're not in those areas, look into Cranio Sacral work and give it a try.

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Thursday, 06 August 2009 10:30

Food, Inc. review

I finally saw Food, Inc. last week in Santa Monica. I was crying within the first 20 minutes - not Earthlings sobs, but a few tears for the sake of the animal abuse (especially the chickens).

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Thursday, 07 May 2009 17:27

Green coupons

Check out Mambo Sprouts for info on healthy and green products, and they even have a coupon section!

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What is quinoa? Pronounced keen-wah, this grain-like seed is full of protein and calcium (who needs meat or milk?!) Very versatile and can be used like rice, and it's gluten-free. Wanna learn more? Check out my article on Organic Authority
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I'm on a mission to cook more for myself in order to save money, eat healthier, and reduce packaging. Now that I'm a gluten, soy, & sugar free diet I have to be more creative. Last night I put together a great dish with 3 elements - it was flavorful, satisfying, and extremely healthy.

Minted Quinoa with Pine Nuts, adapted from Whole Foods recipe:

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If you're wondering, "what is a frappucino", clearly you don't go to Starbucks, and I don't blame you. While their coffee and tea drinks are tasty, they're certainly not healthy - they're full of sugar and usually not organic. Plus, there are only a few vegan options (though they're working on that and have been adding more to the menu). I recently tried their soy frappucino (which by the way is a sugary, blended iced coffee drink) and while it was good, I felt super guilty knowing what was in it. But every now and then I crave that sugary coffee taste, so luckily there's a healthy option!
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Thursday, 08 January 2009 09:47

"Vegan Till Six"

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Tuesday, 16 December 2008 09:55

CNN: America's healthiest airports

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