Tuesday, 28 April 2009 18:32

Vegan discoveries this weekend

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I had a great weekend showing my out-of-state dad all my favorite vegan places, and I discovered some new things.

- We had drinks at Windows Lounge at the Four Seasons, which was very pleasant. I was excited when they brought a trio of snacks, including the vegan Snapea Crisps (it's a small thing, but how many bars have free vegan snacks?!) I didn't touch the chips or nut mix because they looked suspiciously non-vegan. = )

- I finally went to Rahel's for the first time - it was very dark in there so I couldn't take a decent picture on my iPhone. We had the Millenium Special - very good and filling. I forgot to use the 15% coupon - bummer!

- We went to Le Pain Quotidien on Robertson and I had an AMAZING Matcha green tea latte. I can't stop thinking about it! They also had some new Vegan Ginger Green Tea muffins I wanted to try but didn't want to spoil my appetite for dinner at Vegan Glory (though they would have complimented my latte perfectly!)

- The next day we had breakfast (blueberry pancakes and a vegan benedict- yum!) at M Cafe on Melrose and their green tea latte was disappointing compared to Le Pain's.

- Mid-way through our tour of the Huntington Gardens, we stopped at the Chinese Garden Tea Shop to get snacks. We had some delicious hot tea (one jasmine, another oolong) and some inari sushi (wasn't very fresh, so it was mediocre).

- After my favorite burger and fries at Seed, we went to Urth Caffe where I had my third green tea latte of the weekend (they call it a Japanese latte) - this one was very good, probably tied with Le Pain's, plus they get extra points for the foam design!

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