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Earthlings: Documentary Review

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Within my first month or so of moving to L.A. (in 2004) I was invited to my first screening by the woman I was interning for (the amazing Amy Janes). Amy told me I would like the film by her friend because I am vegan...and it stars the voice of Joaquin Phoenix (my vegan crush). We went up to the Hollywood Hills, where there was a party at a beautiful house, and I was thrilled about all the vegan snacks provided! And then everyone gathered in the screening room to watch Earthlings - within minutes the entire audience was bawling. 

Earthlings is an incredibly moving documentary that I would recommend to everyone, vegan/vegetarian or not. It is an especially good film for vegetarians to show non-vegetarians if they are interested in learning about "humanity's absolute dependence on animals". This is the film that convinced me never to wear leather again, and I also think of it every-time I think of tuna. However, I'm not sure if I could handle watching it a second time, even after 4 years, because it is so emotionally draining (in fact I can't even make it through the trailer!).
Earthlings is a must-see film.

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