Sunday, 24 May 2009 05:38

Z Pizza (West Hollywood) - Organic, but is it vegan?

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I passed by Z Pizza in West Hollywood with a big sign that read "organic". So I went inside to check out the menu. They had a veggie sandwich...and a pizza with soy cheese. It didn't say if it was vegan, so I asked the guy at the counter if it was. He said he thought so, then I asked him what kind of cheese they used. Unfortunately no one knew and the cheese didn't have any packaging. He was pretty certain it was vegan, but when I emailed the management they told me it wasn't. = (

"Thank you for contacting us at zpizza. All of our soy cheese does currently contain casein. The founder is currently testing vegan cheese options to bring into zpizza in the future. We appreciate your interest and hope to be able to offer this for our vegan guests soon!"

I responded encouraging them to use Daiya or Teese - if you'd like to email them you should too - just go to their website and write them asking for vegan cheese.

Z Pizza
8869 Santa Monica Boulevard
West Hollywood CA, 90069
P: (310) 360-1414

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