Tuesday, 02 June 2009 18:50

Subway - vegan items listed first in FAQ section

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I was really impressed with Subway when I went on their site to find out what vegan options they had. It wasn't listed in the nutrition section and I couldn't find a ingredient list, however I was thrilled to see that they had information about their vegan options in their FAQ section:

Do your breads contain animal products?
Subway® Italian bread contains no animal-derived ingredients. The 9-grain wheat bread contains honey, which may be considered an animal-derived ingredient. The Flatbread and cheese-topped breads do contain milk-derived ingredients.

What menu items at SUBWAY® restaurants are vegan/do not contain animal-derived ingredients?
The menu items that do not contain any animal-derived ingredients are the Veggie Delite® on Italian bread and the Veggie Delite® salad. Also these individual items also do not contain animal-derived ingredients: all vegetables, oil, vinegar, mustard, sweet onion sauce and fruizle. The 9-grain wheat bread contains honey but no other animal-derived ingredients.
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