Wednesday, 01 July 2009 21:33

Go Green on the 4th

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There are tons of eco-friendly resources for July 4th. Here are a few tips.
  • I highly recommend Bambu Veneerware instead of plastic, paper, or styrofoam plates and utensils
  • Set out a recycling bin if you're throwing the party, or ask where one is located if you're a guest
  • Even if you're not vegan/vegetarian, have options for guests that are. Even non-veg's like good veggie burgers, grilled and fresh veggies. And don't forget to cook them separately from any meat, and to use separate utensils.
  • Fireworks are made up of a lot of bad chemicals - bad for you and the environment. Consider this before buying your own. Maybe just stick to watching the big, public shows.
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