Saturday, 29 November 2008 08:14

Quarry Girl

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I have a really hard time reading other blogs, because I get so overwhelmed with information that I don't know what to do, especially now that I have my own blog.

Tonight I stumbled upon Quarry Girl, this amazing vegan blog, also based mainly in Los Angeles. The "worst" part of the blog is that she mentions all these L.A. restaurants that I've never been to (why, I don't know), and posts pictures of the amazing meals she's had at each. And I thought I knew the L.A. vegan scene well...

Here are some places I need to try, as soon as I'm past this Raw stage:
  • Cru - the one place I could go now, because it's Raw (but unfortunately on the other side of town from me)
  • Follow Your Heart - they make amazing vegan cheese, and also have a cafe & market
  • O Burger - I meant to go to this fast food place when I was staying nearby, but I wasn't convinced it was worth it - guess I was wrong
  • The Waffle - any place that has vegan breakfast, or simply the word vegan on the menu, ┬ásounds good to me!
Thanks Quarry Girl!
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