Thursday, 28 January 2010 06:32

Seed Kitchen - new Seitan Sirloin Burger!

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I should call this post, Ode to Seed Kitchen...

Just when I thought Seed Kitchen couldn't get any better - it did. The master chef that is Eric Lechasseur invented a new burger called the Seitan Sirloin, and it may well be my favorite item on the menu, which gives me another reason to call this restaurant my #1 in Los Angeles.

The home-made seitan is topped with carmelized onions in balsamic vinegar, dijon mustard, and vegan blue cheese, and the combination of such different flavors - spicy, sweet, and sour - is unreal. It's topped with a sunflower seed bun, which adds a little bit of crunch to it. This burger has a very unique flavor, and is so authentic that it left my non-vegan friend scratching her head and wondering how it was vegan.

Check out this cute video my friend Christy Morgan made:

And there's another new addition to Seed: a few nights ago I got a sneak peak of Eric's new mini cupcakes - so glad he brought the cupcakes back! I love the bite-size; in fact I find them so much easier to eat that way (the old cupcakes were a little awkward to eat because they were so big). And their popularity is evident already - they were almost gone when I got to the restaurant tonight!

Tonight I finished off my meal with some other desserts: a chocolate truffle and a chocolate mousse with gold flakes. The truffle is solid on the outside and creamy in the inside, with a great dark chocolate taste. The mousse is delectable - perfectly smooth and certainly satisfied my chocolate craving.

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