Saturday, 03 January 2009 23:17

Boba/Bubble Tea

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For a few years now I've been slightly obsessed with Boba/Bubble Tea, especially from Urth Caffe. However, it's a little expensive (usually around $5) and tended to be a treat for me. Not to mention I always wish for more tapioca pearls then most places add to the drink. 
So, I decided to try making it myself, and found great success and pleasure from doing so. Not only is it less expensive, but it's really fun, AND, I can add as many pearls as I want!
I bought a small bag of tapioca pearls at a Asian market in Massachusetts (New Oriental Supermarket in Littleton) for $1.50. It's really easy to make - just boil the pearls in hot water for 5 minutes. Then you drain out the water and you can mix in sugar or agave nectar to make them sweeter. I added them to green tea, and mixed in some (canned) coconut milk - YUM! 

Now I just need to find out if GlassDharma makes straws big enough to suck up the pearls! Their largest size is 12mm diameter, which is almost the same size as the standard 1/2 inch boba straws...

For those of you in L.A. there's a great Asian market on Centinela called Mitsuwa
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