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Organic Delivery, Best Indian Food Ever, Funny YouTube Videos, Vegan Advice, VegFest and More! (video)

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The title kinda speaks for itself - aren't you curious where I had the best Indian food EVER?!

    • Eco Tip of the Week: When at a restaurant, ask for no straw in your drink. If you like straws, bring your own - get one from a company like GlassDharma
    • Restaurant of the Week: Udupi Palace (San Francisco)
    • Book of the Week: Thanking the Money by Karen Dawn
    • Vegan Food of the Week: BlissmoBox organic and fair-trade - La Yapa quinoa, Kaia Foods Cocoa Bliss granola and Fruit Leather, Numi rooibos tea, Sambazon energy drink. Alter Eco brown sugar, and Cliff bars
    • Video of the Week: everything on Jason Wrobel's channel
    • Website of the Week: The Green Girl Next Door
    • Shout-out of the Week: Rawdorable
    • Answer of the Week: Question - I just turned vegetarian and my stomach is upset - why?
    • Question for You of the Week: Where's the most surprising place you've found organic and/or vegan food in the world?
    • Response of the Week: kale is the audience favorite for green food!
    • Giveaway Winner: Joanna, a 17 year old in Ohio who recently turned vegan, won the $50 gift certificate to bgreen apparel! Check out her video response
    • Health Tip of the Week: be more compassionate and accepting towards others when discussing a difference in lifestyle. Negative conversations will leave you feeling uncomfortable and//or bitter, which is no good for your emotional health. Try being more open and understanding, even if you disagree with them
    • Upcoming Event: San Francisco VegFest October 1st and 2nd
Hemp seeds are naturally gluten-free and are packed with essential fatty acids (omega 3 & 6), protein, and minerals like iron and zinc. They are thought to reduce bad cholesterol, boost the immune system, benefit the liver, and help your hair look healthy. You've likely spotted them in some of my recipes, like today's french toast, and if you've never tried them or need to re-stock your kitchen here's your chance!
I'd like to introduce you to Happy Hemp, a small company started by a woman who turned to hemp seeds in a time of nutritional need - Tara started the company to help others feel better physically and emotionally (checked out her website for instant happiness). She's also into yoga and dogs - what a cool lady! Tara and I are partnering up to send one lucky winner an 8 oz. bag of Happy Hemp and recipe cards.
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