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Paleta - Organic, Sustainable Meal Delivery in LA - The Ultimate Way to Diet and/or Get Healthy (video)

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Yet another video has finally come out of the Eco-Vegan Gal vault! Just over a year ago I tried out Paleta's meal delivery service, which offers vegan and gluten-free options that are organic and locally sourced.

As you'll see from the video, I really enjoyed the meal delivery. It was really nice to have 2 full days of meals ready to eat. My favorite meals were the Pesto-stuffed Mushrooms, Lasagna, and Samosa. I wasn't a big fan of the breakfasts, as they were pretty small, especially for a cost of $11 each. However, the program was developed to support people who are trying to lose or maintain a healthy weight, so that explains it.

The drawbacks of Paleta are the plastic packaging (would be great if it was in glass instead) and the price - there's a $39 minimum and a full day's worth of food runs about $60 (can run up to $73), which is pretty pricey given that making your own organic meals can cost between $5-10. However, the food is very high quality and you're paying for convenience, and these prices are pretty average for meal delivery.

Ultimately, my favorite aspect of Paleta is the customer service - I've had so many great experiences with them. The staff is quick to respond to questions and everyone I've met is super friendly. A few months ago, about a year after doing the delivery service, I was invited to a private lunch with other journalists and met the founder, head chef, and several other of the "big wigs". From the moment I walked in I felt warm and welcome - everyone was so genuine and passionate, and the menu was incredible. Perhaps it's because the business is family owned and operated.

The founder and chef, Kelly Boyer, gave the story behind Paleta. After being diagnosed with cancer she switched to a diet free of gluten, dairy, meat, soy and sugar and then decided she wanted to help others do the same. She developed Paleta to not only help others be healthy, but also to assist them with losing weight - you can customize your meal plan based on calories and portion control (thus some of the small portions). Everything is low in fat and minimal oil is used. One of her biggest tips: plate the food so it doesn't look so small (don't eat it out of the containers like I did!). They can also set you up with doctors and personal trainers to really get you into healthy shape.

In addition to the meals, she recently created a 10 day cleanse that can be shipped anywhere in the United States. Though not entirely vegan (yet) due to some vitamins, the powder is gluten and soy free. It was designed for people to safely detox and lose weight (5-10lbs in 10 days) - it's gentle on the liver, helps boost metabolism, and can also result in better skin and hair.

Luckily, I got to indulge at the tasting, which featured some of Paleta's best vegan offerings: gazpacho shooters (GF), sugar snap peas with toasted black sesame seeds (GF), garbanzo salad with citrus quinoa (GF), corn spaghetti with sautéed baby vegetables and roasted garlic (GF), confetti couscous, roasted asparagus (GF), and peach blueberry crisp. Plus, coffee with almond milk and organic stevia on the side. Yes, it was all as fantastic as it sounds and all the vegan options were marked clearly with pride.

Though Paleta still uses plastic containers for their meal delivery, that's almost off-set by all their environmental initiatives. Their mission is to "enrich lives with healthy eating while not harming the planet". Their certified green kitchen in Inglewood is partially solar powered, they compost, and earlier this year they started incorporating Meatless Monday into the deliveries. At the lunch they used cloth napkins and served water in boxes instead of bottles (though I still prefer tap).

All in all, I give Paleta a big thumbs up. It's wonderful for someone who can afford the convenience or is willing to invest the money to get healthier and/or lose weight. They are accommodating to everyone's diet and truly want to make the world a better place, which in my eyes they're already doing.

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