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The Daily Good by Aloha: Green Juice In Your Pocket

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If you drink green juice on a daily basis or have been wanting to incorporate it into your lifestyle, The Daily Good by Aloha may be the perfect addition to your health regiment. It’s especially wonderful for busy people who don't have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen or shop for ingredients. Appropriately dubbed "green juice in your pocket", The Daily Good is full of amazing organic superfoods such as spirulina for detoxification, wild berries for emotional health, oyster mushrooms for energy and Hawaiian ginger for digestion.  The individual packaging makes it easy to slip it into your purse, pocket or leave at your desk for a mid-day superfood, energy boost!

As a vegan who wants to incorporate more superfoods into my diet, I was really excited to try The Daily Good. It is lovely mixed into water, and especially tasty blended into a berry smoothie because it cuts back on the "green" flavor, which is an acquired taste for some. I have tried green powders in the past and thought the taste of them were overpowering and or too gritty. After drinking it a couple of times, I noticed sustained energy throughout the day, especially on my cardio days. As someone who can’t consume caffeine, its great to find a product that is natural to help with energy. Overall, I found The Daily Good to be a great product to add to my daily routine.

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The Daily Good costs $75 for a thirty-day supply, which at $2.50 per serving is a godo value given that it can cost three times that for one store bought green juice! It's available for purchase at aloha.comAloha takes a whole body philosophy from physical to mental well being, combining wisdom from cultures all over the world and modern scientific research to develop products for their customers in order to live a balanced, healthy life. balanced, healthy life.

Have you tried their products yet? If so, what did you think?


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