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Palatable Explosion with Bhakti Chai, A Review

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Product review by EvG team member Kelly O’Brien:

You are all in for a treat today! Are your taste buds ready to be stimulated? When I was asked to do a product review of Bhakti Chai my first thought was ‘What in the world is Bhakti Chai’?! I headed over to the website to learn more about the product and discovered a plethora of super inspirational information on this special tea. And after receiving samples, I have been drinking the Unsweetened Bhakti Chai with fresh pressed ginger & fiery spices each morning this week!

Bhakti Chai is:

  • Gluten-Free
  • Fat-Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Sugar Free
  • Vegan
  • Non-GMO Certified
  • Fair Trade Certified
  • Certified B Corp

So what is in this insanely healthy sustainable drink?! It is made of organic black tea, organic ginger juice and an array of other spices. 

I am surprised how in love with Bhakti Chai I am! Why? 1). Because I wasn’t a chai tea drinker at all mainly b/c it is not so healthy and 2). My first sip wasn’t so promising! I like to heat about half a cup of Bhakti Chai over my stove combined with a half a cup of unsweetened almond milk. I did try the Bhaki Chai cold as well but both prefer & recommend it warm. It is SO good!

My very first sip was a mouthful of fiery heat! They were not kidding when they said this is filled with ‘fiery spices’. My first taste felt as if I was drinking a chai tea that had a couple of spoonfuls of pepper in it. Me no like. My mouth had to adjust to the ‘Whooaa, this is HOTTT as in spicy’ reaction! And I did not think I would like this product past that sip but I pressed on because well, you need more than one sip to be able to share a fair experience, right? Right on. Several sips later and thankful for my bravery (smile), I could taste the ginger through the spices and surprisingly to myself, I began to like it and then folks…..I began to love it.

What a fabulous drink to wake up my senses each and every morning vs. my typical green smoothie. Bhaki Chai alerts the senses and dare I say, gives me a boost in energy much like people get from coffee yet it has no caffeine. How does that work?! I imagine it is the fiery spices and the strong taste of ginger that filtrates the body via the heat!

Now, this is a byproduct of this product and no where on their website does it mention this (to my knowledge – must go back and see) but when I drink this chai each morning, I have instantaneous bowel movements and I am a girl that has suffered from constipation. OK OK, gross to some but us wellness revelers can handle this part of the review. I am telling you – as crazy as this may sound – this product relieves my constipation

What I really appreciate about Bhakti Chai is not only how healthy it is (LOVE that is has no sugar & sugar isn’t needed at all by the way) so ideal for every season and I look forward to serving it in the winter months of Chicago in particular! I think Bhakti Chai can be served with such a variety of foods and while I am entertaining in my home! The foods that come to mind are vegan pastries, muffins, any Indian fair and for some reason, asian noodles with this warm surprise to the palette sounds darn right delish!

This incredibly healthy gorgeous woman named Brook Eddy (love your name Brook Eddy) is the Founder and I find her story rather inspirational (there goes that word again but it’s so befitting) and just plain cool. She was traveling to India in 2002 to study a social justice movement based on Bhakti which is defined as a ‘devotion through social action’ and somewhere along her travels fell in love with the ‘aroma and flavor of the spicy masala chai ubiquitos to northern India’ (I took this last statement from their website). When she got back to the United States, she was unable to find the spicy fresh chai she fell in love with during her travels so, Brook just made her own! I can do a separate review of Brook herself as I find the rest of her story including her morals/ethics liberating and fascinating.

Head to their website, put in your zip code & they tell you what stores in your city carry it! How convenient is THAT?!

Off to sip my cup!

Kelly O’Brien is the brand owner of ‘Snapshots of Wellness’ at and writer for a large host of websites such as, Wellness Revolution, Café Truth & Natural Health Magazine! She is also a well known Chicago blogger promoting a primarily plant based lifestyle combined with her own perspective on wellness!

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