Saturday, 04 July 2009 00:19

Master Cleanse: Days 12 & 13

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The evening of Day 11 I decided to make the raw cucumber watercress soup, and to drink a little. It tasted delicious, however it really upset my stomach (I think it was the garlic).

On Day 12 I made fresh juice: beets, carrots, kale, celery, apples, and ginger. I drank 3 glasses of that over the course of the day and it was wonderful. I had some more of the soup and it made me feel a little nauseous - I looked up garlic and it is said to have that effect, so I figured my stomach wasn't ready for it yet (I love garlic though).

Today is Day 13, which means I get to eat solid food! So happy about that. I woke up not feeling very hungry and with a slightly upset stomach, but I wanted to try to eat anyways. I went to Euphoria Loves RAWvolution, as planned, and had their fantastic Cafe Salad and a cup of ginger Yogi tea. The salad usually comes with a garlic sauce, which I knew was a bad idea, so I got a yummy lemon dressing. The ginger tea was a great choice - it really calmed my stomach. I also had a taste of a raw apple almost cookie - very tasty.

Right now I'm snacking on some carrots - my appetite is slowly coming back. I'm craving avocado and tomato, even though I had them in the salad earlier. I'm looking forward to eating more veggies today.

Tomorrow my cleanse will be complete and it will be July 4th. I'm going to eat slowly and small portions, and as much fruits and veggies as possible. However, I may have a veggie burger. Otherwise, I plan to eat as raw as I can from now on. Being at RAWvolution really inspired me.

The Master Cleanse was a wonderful experience. I feel amazing - light and full of energy, and I've received a lot of compliments about my body and skin. I'm also very proud of making it 13 days - no one can believe it! I can't imagine eating too much processed foods, or eating too much period. I hope I can keep that mind set.
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