Tuesday, 07 July 2009 16:37

Vegan options at Dodger Stadium

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Thanks to QuarryGirl.com for announcing that there are vegan "hot dogs" at Dodger Stadium.

I go to the stadium a few times a year because my boss has season tickets in the Dugout Club. That might seem like a blast, and it is, but the vegan options are awful! The Dugout Club has a free buffet for members and although it looks beautiful and diverse, it's not a great place for a vegan. They have a decent amount of vegetarian options, but most of them have dairy. I'll have to ask them if they can carry the LightLife Smart Dogs too.
  • A veggie burger that I've been told is vegan, but I'm not convinced.
  • They used to have edamame, but I think it's off the menu now
  • Grilled vegetables (but they're in the grilled meat section, ew)
  • They have various vegetarian stir fry and pasta, but haven't confirmed if it's vegan
  • You can ask for nachos without cheese/chili/sour cream, but they're very bland and I'm not positive that the guacamole is vegan
  • Not sure if their couscous salad is vegan
  • Various fruit (boring! come on, this is baseball!)
  • Potato chips
  • French fries
  • Cracker Jack
However, the staff in the Dugout Club is incredibly friendly and are happy to accommodate and answer any questions. And the buffet is all you can eat, so at least you can load up on a few vegan options!

You can always bring your own food, and there are a ton of vegan restaurants within a couple miles from the stadium (including Flore!) According to Dodger policy: Food is permitted from outside the stadium provided it is not in bottles, cans, coolers or thermoses. Unbroken, factory sealed plastic bottles of water and other non-alcoholic beverages of 1 liter or less are permitted.
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