Monday, 12 July 2010 00:15

I spy with my little eye...vegan cheese in the dairy section!

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Last night my friend and I went to Ralphs market (Marina Del Rey). They have a surprisingly good vegan section there, along with organic and local produce. In each aisle there are cardboard flags that say "natural" to let you know where the healthy products are. They even have a health and green section on their website. As we were walking around I suddenly remembered hearing that Ralphs carries Daiya, so I started looking for it.

Since the store is really big I didn't know where to start, so I started walking around near the dairy section, and when I looked over I saw bags of Daiya amongst the "real" cheeses - how cool! I was so excited that it wasn't in the natural section - clearly this store feels that it's good enough to be with the big players! The only setback is that it's about twice the price ($5.99 vs $3.59), and even more than Horizon organic cheese ($4.99). Check it out:

Aside from Daiya, here are some other vegan products I like at Ralphs:

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