Monday, 12 July 2010 10:02

Food for thought: changing the life that you loved

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While watching a friend's documentary last night I heard an amazing quote that really speaks to me and my lifestyle:

"What if finding the love of your life meant changing the life that you loved?"

This is so relevant to me. While I don't know if I would consider veganism the love of my life, it certainly has a strong and positive influence on me. Becoming a vegan meant changing the life that I loved in a way - I had to let go of everything I knew about food and health and learn something completely foreign.

A common phrase I hear from non-vegans when I speak about my diet is, "but I love meat." While I respect their feelings, I don't believe that loving something means it's the best thing for you. I admit, I used to love hamburgers and the smell of them still brings back memories, but I've learned to love veggie burgers and I find them equally satisfying. I used to love brie and goat cheese, but I love dairy-free Daiya just as much. There are many things outside of our diets that we may love, but if they are harmful to our bodies or someone else then why not seek alternatives?

What are your thoughts on this quote? Did finding the love of your life mean changing the life that you loved?
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